Fires of Prometheus


What this site is all about
An introduction to my various interests
Dig Where You Stand
History is about everyone
My museum
My object world
A life in material culture
The value of ordinary things
Found photographs
The archaeology of anonymous lives
Lost and Found
The importance of prosaic objects
The topsoil project
Tiny treasures from topsoil
Industrial Archaeology
A series of albums expressing my passion for the recent past
Industrial archaeology miscellany 1
A randomish introduction to some industrial archaeology that caught my eye
Industrial archaeology miscellany 2
More random photographs of the industrial past
Snailbeach lead mine
A miraculous survival in Shropshire
Rusty Rails
Musings on railway archaeology
La Union
An industrial landscape in Spain
The Ripley branch
Amongst what was once a busy industrial landscape, an abandoned line decays
The High Peak Trail
A cycle ride along a Peak District railway
The Tissington Trail
A cycle ride along a transformed historic railway
Exploring an industrial landscape
Llanberis Slate
We visit Welsh slate mines
Faded Paint
"Ghost signs," painted on brick
I help, a little, to restore derelict canals
Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal 2008
My first-ever canal camp
Mon&Brec 2009
The beauty of a bywash channel
Drapers Lock 2011
Learning about lime
Ty Coch 2012
I am promoted to Assistant Leader
Ty Coch 2013
Bashing the bullnose, and wasps. I lead my first camp
Ty Coch 2014
Swansea Canal 2015
I lead a canal camp at Trebanos Lock
Ty Coch 2015
Rubble and roots
Stover Canal 2016
I lead a canal camp at Ventiford Basin
Ty Coch 2016
Picnic-site paths and a little archaeology
Ty Coch 2017
The archaeology of Dick the Lock's cottage
A waterway miscellany
Towpath photographs
Beginning as a schoolboy volunteer, I spent several decades as a field archaeologist
Hadrian's Wall
My longest archaeological post was Assistant Director of the excavation of Hadrian's Wall in the National trust estate, Northumberland
I directed a rescue excavation for a year on the edge of Stevanage
In 1991 I dug on a Bronze Age waterlogged site in Wales
The streetcar archaeology of Vancouver
I am studying the ways streetcars influenced the growth of Vancouver
A ceramic assemblage from Ralph's allotment
An examination of tiny sherds of decorated pottery found while cultivating a vegetable garden in Nottingham
A series of albums displaying my efforts in the art of photography
Photographs from my explorations
Two At Large
My personal web site
Ralph Mills
My professional web pages