Every life is a story made up of chapters, some of which might be unhappy but hopefully some (most?) of which will be filled with adventure, activity, fun, fulfillment, challenges overcome, joys, notable events, and much else. Perhaps to ourselves, our lives might seem mundane and prosaic when compared to those of the celebrities and elites.

It might seem big-headed or self-important to create a museum of one's own life, yet surely those who imply that our individual material traces are less important than those of elites or those of other cultures or other times are the ones who are displaying arrogance, snobbery or whatever. If I believe in "digging where I stand" I have to include my own material culture because it reflects, archaeologically, not only the events of my life but also my tastes (doubtful though they might be), my interests, my personality and so on.

The lives of "ordinary" people are important. Archaeologists, historians and therefore the general public, have often undervalued the material cultures of the comman man and woman. Partly this is deliberate - a people in awe of elites and rulers is a subdued one. If every one of us realised our importance we would be far more demanding. that's why, I think, "History is Dangerous" in Lindqvist's words, not to us but to those who wish to rule or oppress us. It may also be why we are encouraged to focus not on yesterday but on a distant, misty past that is easier to dismiss or romanticise.

Anyway, this is my museum. As a welcome visitor you can make of it what you will. It will expand as I add more artefacts and as my life continues along its path(s)!