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Wagons, especially Hudson wagons, played vital roles in both world wars, and in many other conflicts. Hudson supplied huge amounts of material to WW1 trench warfare.

During WW2 light railways were more often installed in arsenals and other static military operations. There are many records in the Hudson archive of these sales which would provide valuable material to military transport historians of the first half of the twentieth century.

Hudson munitions wagon
Hudson munitions wagon in museum collection


Last updated 9th November 2019

Hudson wagons being used to carry troops
Hudson V-skip tipper wagons being used to carry troops during WW1.


Hudson wagons at Fauld arms depot
Hudson munitions wagons in use at RAF Fauld underground arms depot during WW2. It is likely that some of these vehicles were destroyed in the infamous explosion at that site in November 1944, that killed about 70 people and was the largest non-nuclear explosion to occur in the UK.