Fires of Prometheus


A narrow-gauge railway, the Camber Railway, was constructed in 1915 to serve the Admiralty Radio Station a few miles from Stanley, the main settlement of the Falkland Islands. It may be that this project included Hudson materials, but the archive does not contain any material for that year. However two subsequent orders of track material were shipped to Stanley. One was in 1924, when the railway was already probably disused, and a second in 1935, several years after it had apparently been abandoned. I have not been able to find any explanation for these orders. An online photograph shows wagon bases in a scrap heap that may have originated with Hudson. In 1986 the company, now owned by Becorit, was contacted to enquire about the possibility of using its products to transport military in manrider wagons to the tops of three Falklands mountains. Presumably the idea was subsequently abandoned.

Wagon chassis
Remains of skip wagon in dump at Port Stanley, Falkland Islands