mother and baby standing beside home

An example of the joys and frustrations of found photographs. A mother stands proudly outside her home, babe in arms. It's a house clad in tongued and grooved timbers with no guttering, and the ground looks sandy, so I'm guessing this is somewhere pretty arid. Australia? The baby girl is wearing smart clothes, including stockings, and mum is wearing fancy shoes.

old photograph of a mother and child standing beside window

But this is surely not a wealthy home. The window has cracked and been repaired with (?)putty. And inside, on the windowsill, stands a row of geranium plants rooted in a mixture of pots and cans. Behind the plants hangs a nice lace curtain. Fantastic!

detail old photograph showing cart

Tantalisingly, in the background there's just a glimpse of the world beyond, with a long (hay?) cart and perhaps a hilly terrain.